Aloysius Cheang 

Aloysius Cheang is a senior corporate executive with extensive experience running global businesses.  In his line of work, he had built and led large multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary team spread across 5 continents and 4 major time zones in a highly heterogeneous and demanding environment.


Aloysius is a Member of the Board of Directors for US based (ISC)2, the world’s largest IT security organisation specialising in training and professional certifications for cybersecurity professionals. He is also a Board Director and EVP APAC for UK based cyber leadership think tank, the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + International Studies. Additionally he is a Director with AC3Labs in Singapore and Co-Founders of Taiwan based IoT and blockchain security startups, iSyncGroup and Doqubiz. Aloysius was most recently Co-Founder and Managing Director for Cloud Security Alliance APAC.


As a globally recognised cybersecurity expert, Aloysius's professional perspective is highly valued by major media such as the BBC, Times, Wall Street Journal, Xinhua News, SCMP, The Hindu, China Times, Straits Times and CNA.