Anthony Bargar

Mr. Anthony Bargar served in senior positions within the Global Financial Services Sector, the United States Dept. of Defense and Intelligence Community.  His customers include stock exchanges, banks, utilities, military/intel agencies and other critical infrastructure sector organizations.  In a public service role, Anthony was on the team that re-wrote the United States cyber strategy, supported the US Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Protection, Resilience, Business Continuity and National Telecommunication programs and was the senior representative to the National Security Council on government-wide cyber-incident response and information sharing. 


Given his background Mr. Bargar has specialized experiences around cyber resilience and cyber operations strategies and advises on implementation of advanced countermeasures.  Anthony leads the Cyber Security Consulting Group (CSCG) comprised of similarly experienced experts working with the private sector and governments worldwide on resilient architectures, effective strategies, and leap ahead technologies to reduce risks and create business opportunity.  Anthony is currently focused in South East Asia enhancing cyber maturity to counter next generation adversaries.